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Animus Invictus
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Guild Rules (Read 48483 times)
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07/09/11 at 08:49:21
Animus Invictus is a casual and friendly, PG-rated guild.  It is a level 25 guild has an 8-tab bank.

About Us

The environment we like to play in can be best summed up by "NO DRAMA, NO DRAMA, NO DRAMA".

Even though we are mostly all adults, we like to play in a decent, harmonious atmosphere. This means no profanity or vulgar language in guild (or raid) chat and in Teamspeak. Also, there's no griefing or harassment, and no rude, discriminatory or sexual comments anywhere - we all represent the guild and should keep that in mind when talking to anyone whether in chat or on Teamspeak. Also, please, no meters in guild chat, no begging, no excessive trading - all these add to clutter and make us miss conversations.

Raids / PVP

We have some rules in place for pvp and raiding to make that an enjoyable, successful endeavor, and they all fall under the above over-all rule: Be respectful.  We have core raid teams as well as more casual raid setups and information on all of these areas can be found in the different forums here.

Ranks and Promotions

A brand new guildie is a Recruit. Once an officer notices that recruit, they will be promoted to Provisional Member and their 1 month probation begins.  Please note that RECRUITS AND PROVISIONAL MEMBERS UNLOGGED FOR OVER 15 DAYS WILL BE REMOVED.

After the month probation, assuming they haven't annoyed anyone, a Provi is promoted either to Associate or, if they have an authenticator, Authenticated member and receives a guild number.  We use this number to keep track of all of a player's alts.   The higher the rank, the more access to our guild bank and also higher guild-paid repairs.

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