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Title: Guild Officers
Post by Thylo on 05/04/14 at 21:03:37
The Current AI Officers.
The Officers of AI are chosen as people who help run guild activities and generally contribute to the well being of the guild.  They will also make sure folks don't impact the enjoyment of the game for anyone else.
The Council are long term officers chosen to develop and implement policy, procedure and most decision-making.  Council members are chosen by the existing council when there is a need.  There is no set number of council members.  If the council feels the need to add, and are suitably impressed, they will do so.
If you would like to become an Officer or would like to know more, feel free to chat to any of the Council Officers.

Guild Master:


Council Officers:

Kazsia/ Kyleia


Hashakgik/ Anacrothe
Zammwow/ Holyzamm
Grimlegend/ Furrypaws
Nanhaznetael (Nick)
Taller/ Genius
Kiddoe/ Wildlotus
Gankin/ Reapin
Evilcandy/ Rocinante
Insightful/ Backslasher

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